Code Lab

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Code Lab?
Code Lab is an online compiler and lint tool which allows you to run, improve and share your code using several programming languages.
Are there any memory or time constraints for the submitted programs?
Yes, they are as follows:
  • compilation time: 10 seconds
  • execution time: 5 seconds
  • memory usage: 256 MiB.
Can I access the Internet from my program?
No, access to the network is blocked.
Can I write or read files in my program?
Yes, but there is an 1 MiB limit of disk space.
How long my codes will be stored on Code Lab?
6 months
What is the size limit for the source code, input and output?
128 KiB
What encoding is used in the source code and in the input stream?
How is end of line (EOL) represented in the source code and in the input stream?
End of line is represented by \n (LF, Linux style). Even if you submit input or source code with Windows EOL (\r\n, CRLF) or Mac OS EOL (\r, CR), end-of-lines will be converted to the Linux style.
My program seems to have a correct syntax. Why does it fail to execute?
Be sure to place "main" class/program/module/function/procedure in your code (here you will find a sample for every language).
I would like to see a new language or library on Code Lab. Is there anything I can do about that?
Yes, please contact us.